9.3 mold

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9.3 mold

Post by shooter93 » Mon Mar 24, 2008 5:12 pm

Hi Dan...hate to bug you here but I have a couple questions about your bullet design page...to see if I'm doing this right. Here's what I plug in just don't know if it's correct or possible...the picture of the bullet doesn't look "nose heavy" A 9.3 bullet weighing in the 285 grain range gas checked...ww plus 2% tin alloy. The inside the case length needs to be,,,, .300 because of the short neck on a 9.3x62. Total length of the bullet should be around 1.217 which will give me an OAL cartridge length which is what I use with J bullets. 2 grooves, 3 bands. Probably a secant ogive...the only reason really being is a a guy I know got a similar mold from you with the TAN nose with a 70 % meplat and ocassionaly has feeding problems..minor ones though so maybe the secant would prevent that...any thoughts on that? As I said...the bullet nose looks short comparativly in the pic the program draws but maybe that's just me. Again...don't mean to waste your time I just don't want to order the wrong mold. Thanks for any help you provide.

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Re: 9.3 mold

Post by mtngun » Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:36 pm

I can't see your design so I can only guess .....

If it is nose heavy, then it definitely needs to be a bore rider. Whether it is secant or tangential or truncated cone matters little, the important thing is getting the bore riding diameter right.

The case neck thing is an old wive's tale unless you have a tight chamber requiring turned necks, but suit yourself.

Regarding feeding, that is usually a function of COL and meplat. Blunt cast bullets will usually cycle in a bolt gun if the COL is optimal, but a COL that works fine for pointy jacketed bullets may not work for blunt cast bullets, if that makes any sense. I have no way to predict the optimal COL in your rifle, so I can't offer a specific suggestion there.

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