Gator 7mm gas checks

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Gator 7mm gas checks

Post by mtngun » Sat May 25, 2013 8:37 am

Usually Gator checks are made to the same specs as Hornady, but not always, so I like to measure them to be sure.

Gator 0.017" thick (measured at base) compared to 0.0185" Hornady
Gator 0.017" thick (measured at side) compared to 0.017" Hornady (measured with calipers and not 100% reliable)
Gator 0.288" OD, same as Hornady
Gator 0.252" - 0.253" ID, same as Hornady
Gator 3.8 grains vs. 3.9 grains Hornady

If you do the math, some of those numbers don't add up, probably due to measurement error. I can measure the base thickness fairly accurately using a small ball bearing and a micrometer, but I have less confidence in the ID and side thickness measurements using calipers. The sides are not necessarily straight and not necessarily smooth so precise measurement is elusive.

Subjective fit on some 7mm cast bullets was identical.

Summing things up, Gator appears to use a slightly thinner material, but the sides are the same thickness and the ID & OD are the same, so the fit is the same. On both checks, the OD is large enough to crimp on when you size the bullet.