Adjusting Nose length to accommodate Crimp Bevel

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Adjusting Nose length to accommodate Crimp Bevel

Post by walstr » Tue Nov 11, 2014 7:27 pm


I'm closing in on a design: 410gr (+- 3gr) Plain Base, 73% Meplat, .460" (+.002") Bore, .450" long Nose, .100" Front Band, .055" Crimp Groove, Tangential Ogive, WW+2% Tin.

I'm standardizing on cases 2.085" - 2.100" long, as that's where the bulk of my stock is. [unless you may suggest otherwise] A fitment test with a commercial 'pill' indicates a .100" Frt. Band is just shy of the rifling. A max. COAL of 2.560" still leaves plenty daylight to eject, so I'm comfortable with that.

How much shorter shall I spec the Nose Length to accommodate the Crimp Groove Bevel?

Is it reasonable to expect good accuracy & repeatability using cases in the range specified, or should I 'tighten' that up?

Thanks & looking forward to my first "customized" boolit mould.

2003 Marlin 1895GS

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Re: Adjusting Nose length to accommodate Crimp Bevel

Post by mtngun » Tue Nov 11, 2014 8:23 pm

The online design program's "nose length" represents how much of the bullet will stick out of the case.

If this is for lever action, there is a lot to be said for using a short bore riding section.

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