Lube Grooves In Cold Weather

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Re: Lube Grooves In Cold Weather

Post by mtngun » Sun Feb 19, 2017 5:14 pm

I repeated the Loverin vs. Loverider test in the Shilen 14" 30 BR. The bullets had been nose-sized for the shorter throat of the Kreiger barrel, so they ended up jumping 0.08" to reach the rifling in the Shilen, hence the velocities were slower than the Kreiger. No gas checks came off (that I know of) during the Shilen shootout.

No fouling shots were fired. With both bullets, the first shot from the cold, clean barrel was on the far edge of the group.

Despite the long jump to the rifling, the Shilen seemed to shoot slightly better than the Krieger. Besides having a longer throat, the Shilen's throat is 1.0 degrees vs. 1.5 degrees in the Krieger. This was the first time the Shilen had been fired.

It's a toss-up which bullet design was better in the Shilen at 40 - 41 degrees F.

Since the Loverider shoots better cold in the 7mm Pacnor, and the Loverider shoots equal to the Loverin in both 30's, the advantage goes to the Loverider so far. But it remains to be seen how the Loverider will do in warm weather.

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