lube for lever guns?

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lube for lever guns?

Post by mtngun » Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:13 pm

from the old forum:

I am curious as to which bullet lube you would recommend. I am presently working on loads for my .357 mag in my Marlin 1894 and .375 Win in a BB94. So far, the Winchester has proven tough to get to group and even tougher to keep free from leading. I have been using LBT Soft Blue. Bullets have been cast from WW and air
cooled then sized .002 over bore. The .357 mag shoots well using a SAECO 170 grain GC bullet and 10.5 grains of 2400. The .375 win shoots well using duplex PB loads and SPG lube but any attempt to push a smokeless load over 1500 fps with even GCs starts leading badly using LBT Blue. So, until I can order a mould from you, do you have any lube suggestions that might help.

Regarding lubes, the best you can hope for is that good lube may make a good load a little better. If your gun has a serious problem, the lube is not going to fix it.

My Marlin 357 isn't fussy about lube. That doesn't mean it will shoot all cast loads well, it just means that it shoots all cast loads about the same regardless of which lube is used. It definitely prefers heavy bullets. At the moment, my Marlin loads use Rooster HVR. HVR picked up 15 fps or so compared to soft lubes, but there was no difference in accuracy.

The 375 Winnie has a long and grossly oversize throat that is rough on cast bullets. You are not the first person to run into problems with the 375. You may have a heck of a time finding a full throttle cast load that is accurate, and that cycles and feeds. HVR seems to be the most likely to succeed, but I'm not going to lie to you -- you're probably going to have problems no matter what lube you use, due to the stupid throat.

I've seen lube make a big difference in revolvers, and I've seen lube make a big difference at 2700 fps, but I haven't seen lube make a big difference at 1400 - 1800 fps in rifles.

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Re: lube for lever guns?

Post by 6pt-sika » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:39 pm

When I first started casting for rifles I used Lee Liquid Alox because I wasn't sizing my bullets . Once I got a lube/sizer I went to SPG lube because it didn't require a heater to make it flow . And bear in mind both these lubes worked fairly well in lever guns of all calibers I had tried to that point !

The Lee Liquid sucked mainly because if you didn't wipe it off the noses it would pick up lint and crap in your pocket or where ever . The SPG while excellent for BP loads and most levergun bullets does not do well on bullets in jars sitting on the shelf . I'm one of those people that likes to cast a 100 - 300 or so of something and then use them for awhile before I cast again . And the SPG tends to dry and crack off the lube grooves or atleast it did for me .
After that I got a heater for my Lyman 4500 and went to hard lubes exclusively for smokeless cartridges . And I usually buy what I can get . I've used a fair amount of Rooster Rifle Lubeas well as a goodly amount of RCBS Rifle Lube and they both worked well . But the one I've used the most and prefer to get if it's available when I order is Thompson's Blue Angel !

Not saying it's any better then the other two , I just seem to like it a little more !
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Re: lube for lever guns?

Post by 6pt-sika » Sat Mar 03, 2012 3:45 pm

While I still like the three hard lubes I mentioned in the previouse post I am about to start trying the "White Label" Carnuba Lube that is supposed to be good up to 2700 FPS .

While typically most folks do not get anywhere near that with a lever gun . I've run several loads in the 444 over our Chrony and gotten 2500+ with the lighter bullets .

Based on price alone I can get two sticks of the White Label Carnuba for the cost of one stick of the RCBS rifle , Thompson's Blue Angel or Rooster hard rifle lube !

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