Lightning strikes !

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Lightning strikes !

Post by mtngun » Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:57 pm

from the old forum:

Sunday my power pole took a direct lightning hit. You know how normally you first see the lightning, then hear the thunder a few seconds later? This time it was the other way around. KABOOM. I was standing about 35 feet away from the pole and my first thought was "did a plane just drop a bomb?" Then I noticed that the transformer was shooting sparks and flames like a roman candle. The pole's ground wire was arcing all along the pole, and the earth at the base of the pole was smoking.

It fried two GFCI outlets (but the appliances plugged into them suffered no damage), my precious electric blanket, an external hard drive, and the satellite internet. The utility had to repair the transformer. I just now returned from town with a new transmitter/receiver for the satellite. Mailed the blanket controller back to the manufacturer. I tore apart the hard drive box and its power supply was dead so the hard drive itself may be OK if I order another box. The HD is used for backing up all my files, so it would be nice to get it working again. Miraculously, my PC still works though some of the files are now corrupted and will have to be reinstalled. Oh well, it could have been worse.

Since it was too muddy to excavate after the storm, I drove the 3/4 ton down to the river and shoveled several tons of gravel into the utility trailer. Coming back through the boggy part of my pasture, the heavily laden trailer sank up to the frame in the mud. The 3/4 ton didn't sink, but even in 4WD, it couldn't get enough traction to yank the trailer out. I let it sit overnight and then this morning I started spreading the gravel -- originally intended for the house foundation -- on the road, if you can call my tire tracks a road. Then the 3/4 ton was able to pull the trailer out without even spinning the tires. That worked so well that I decided to use all the gravel for the road. Got about 200 yards done when I ran out of gravel. Oh well, it needed to be done anyway. Sometimes mother nature has a way of rearranging our priorities.

I was going to post some more pictures but my photo software isn't working at the moment -- part of the lightening damage.