How's the construction going?

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How's the construction going?

Post by 45idaho » Mon May 19, 2008 2:47 pm

Just curious about how your construction project is going. I built a shop last year on our property out of Idaho City and am starting on a cabin this weekend. Just the boring old stick frame construction. It always seems to take a hell of a lot longer to complete a building project than a guy plans. Hope all is going great for you!

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Re: How's the construction going?

Post by mtngun » Tue May 20, 2008 7:17 pm

Well, I haven't been getting a great deal done. Actual construction will have to wait until the "dry" season starting in late June, but I spend my spare time getting ready. There's logging, sawing the logs to length, peeling the bark, hauling in sand and gravel and sawdust, trips to town to accumulate building materials, and pre-fabricating the window openings.

After the long winter, the pick up trucks and chainsaws needed major maintenance. Gotta have trucks and saws to build a log home.

Driveway maintenance is an ongoing battle. Every spring, the driveway turns to quicksand, and the 4wd sinks in up to the frame. A fresh layer of gravel fixes it until the following spring.

I plant a few more trees every spring. About 95% of them will die due to dry spells. So if I want 5 living trees, I plant 100. Actually, I've probably planted about 1000 trees in all.

This year I have a pretty humble objective -- to finish closing in the house. I'm still struggling with a family crisis, so construction is extra slow.

I'd like to add a septic system, and a woodshed (which will double as a muffler for shooting), and more water storage, and a grey water system, but that'll have to wait. The target backstop is on hold, too.

If I ever get that septic system, the toilet will use grey water from the shower and the washing machine. The vegetable garden will use grey water as well. Idaho code doesn't recognize grey water systems, but inspectors seldom come to Joseph Plains, so nobody really cares.

If I ever find time ....... I'll post pictures of my window openings. I think they are pretty neat.

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