casting wheelweight with an aluminum mold

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casting wheelweight with an aluminum mold

Postby mtngun » Thu Feb 28, 2008 5:44 am

from the old forum, name of poster lost:

I tried alot of things to get fill out with my molds with my bottom pour lee. The temp had to be up to 800 and the cavities smoked with a barbecue lighter. I also had to stick with consistant and somewhat timed rythem like the long range black powder 8 step methed. I got consistant weights and very good fill out. loaded up my 41 mag 255 LBT type bullets with 7.5 grains titegroup and fed. 155M primers and shot 1 inch groups at 40 yards and had alot of fun and not much recoil. I really like these aluminum molds. I have gotten very good accuracy with just about any load I have tried. Sure is nice not to have to use mold prep or keep oil on the molds to prevent rust. Makes me wonder why the heck I did not try them sooner. They worked great with WW and didn't need any tin. I wanted to try the LBT type bullets and aluminum molds and I'm glad I did. Thanks for a fine product.

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