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Ogive names

Post by mtngun » Sun Mar 23, 2008 6:53 pm

from the old forum:

Tangential Ogive vs Ogival Flat Point. What's the difference between these two terms?


Reply: It goes like this ....

I used to call my ogival noses "ogival flat points", for lack of a better name. I didn't want to call them "LBT" noses because that is someone else's phrase, and
that someone else could conceivably trademark or copyright the term, and take legal action against people who use the term to describe products not made by LBT.

Some people call them round-nose-flat-point but that's one of those oxy-moron terms. Is it round, or is it flat?

Then when I came out with the secant option, the "ogival flat point" term became inadequate, because both the secant and the tangential ogives are types of ogival flat points.

So now there is a "tangential flat point" and a "secant flat point".

Hope that answers your question. :D

Reply:' Perfectly. They're the same thing with a different name. I thought so but figured I'd ask anyway.