Buckshot's custom bullet sizing dies

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Buckshot's custom bullet sizing dies

Post by mtngun » Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:56 am

Lyman/RCBS dies made to custom ID's. The ejector pin is relieved and vented. Largest practical ID is about .517". Smallest is .257". Die tolerance is nominal to +0.0003". A proof slug of WW alloy sent with the die. ID's required for very hard or very soft alloys require you provide 3 slugs for proofing the die.

Lee type push through dies with pushrod. Turned for the Lee catcher cup, no lockring provided. Same criteria as above.

Lyman/RCBS dies $24 ea + $2.50 rtn shp via USPS 1st class. Lee dies $19 per and same shipping as above. Personal checks fine.


Rick Tunell
501 Lime St
Redlands, CA

The above are the only dies I make. I don't polish out factory dies. In case there is interest I also make custom epoxy fill nose punches for Lyman-RCBS and Saeco presses.

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Re: Buckshot's custom bullet sizing dies

Post by MGySgt » Wed Aug 20, 2008 3:03 pm


I see that you are branching out - About time.

Just in case anyone wants to know - Rick (AKA Buckshot) makes outstanding sizer dies.


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