Hi Dan that mold you made me

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Hi Dan that mold you made me

Postby GradyL41 » Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:59 pm

You made a .411, 255 gc brass mold for me several years ago I thought I would tell you what your creation has done
mostly used in a 41/44 at 1350 or so-- 50 yards 1.5" ant 100 3" to 3.5 neat triangles--on deer I have killed the bullet has made 1+ entrance and exit holes -- it will blow lungs like a rifle at 30-30 yards--
about a month ago I took a 280# Russian boar -- he was above me and a little back from the edge of the bluff-- first shot hit the bluff and off he went -- I thought I had missed --uhhh no-- anyway about 40 minutes late I had tracked him down hit him shot him behind the right leg and since I was below him again it cam out of his left shoulder and down he went- I shot once more behind the ribs so the bullet would come out of his chest -- the bullet made a 1" hole and let out a lot of steam--- the first bullet after hitting the MT edge went into his leg (no bone) then into his chest through one side of ribs and plate into the heart lung area-- I was impressed-- this was the same load I use on deer -- I did notice that the holes in the inside of the hog closed up unlike deer-- anyway you made a good mold thank you for your good work -- I have been so content I have not thgought much about another mold yet-- I do have a question my mold has a 81% meplat-- accuracy is no problem and it is a tan design with a .400 nose- I was wondering about can the meplat go higher and still be usable or do you think I am there already
sometimes I come and design a 240 TC with a .410 nose - and 82%? .83% -- I have also consider a .416 cal --and if I do you will be making me a mold for that one

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Re: Hi Dan that mold you made me

Postby mtngun » Thu Apr 22, 2010 7:57 pm

Thanks for the hunting report. It makes me feel good to know that my molds are being put to a worthwhile use.

As for the meplat, there is no black and white formula to predict how a given meplat will shoot in your gun, with your load.

Personally, I have never had much luck with meplats larger than 75%, and even the 75% meplats have to be pushed fast in my guns or else accuracy falls off.

But, I have seen 90% meplats shoot nice groups without even trying hard -- in someone else gun, never mine ! ! !

I dunno if your gun will shoot an even fatter meplat, but I rather doubt that the deer will tell the difference between 81% and 85% or whatever. You poke 'em in the right place with that 81% meplat and they won't run far.

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Re: Hi Dan that mold you made me

Postby GradyL41 » Fri Apr 23, 2010 1:23 am

thanks for the answer-- I actually thought that about the meplat too --like I said just wondering out loud--.81% is pretty big-- I got to shoot a guys .470 and .416 and 375 -- and another ones .475 TC- so to be nice to them I am making them some 255s the .475 and and the .470 were more than a handful-- fun but too much for me
yes you made for me a really good mold

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