Mass shootings ... here we go again

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Mass shootings ... here we go again

Post by mtngun » Sun Aug 05, 2012 3:16 pm

The recent tragedies have brought forth another round of calls for a "national conversation about guns" and "reasonable and sensible gun laws."

No one seems to know exactly what those reasonable and sensible gun laws are ?

They fixate on semi-autos and hi-capacity magazines, never mind that the "Joker" used a 12 gauge shotgun and his high capacity magazine saved lives by jamming up. Never mind that Canada already has all those laws and more, yet parts of Canada, like Winnepeg, have a high murder rate. Never mind that if a crazy person wanted to kill the maximum number of people in a crowded room, he would have more success if he armed himself with a 12 gauge and buckshot. Never mind that the 1966 Texas Tower shooter used a deer rifle and a 12 gauge, and it held the record for the worst mass shooting for many years until finally being surpassed at Virgina Tech.

Or they call for closing the alleged "gun show loophole," never mind that Canada has all that and more, and yet Canada has more violent crime than armed-to-the-teeth Idaho.

My take is that calling for a "national conversation about guns" really means "I don't have any answers, so I'm passing the buck to this conversation thing." :/

I oppose arbitrary gun restrictions as a matter of principle, though, as a practical matter, I feel well armed with a lever action, a 22 plinker, or a revolver.

Personally, I'd go along with keeping guns away from crazy people, except there is no simple, reliable test for determining who is crazy. Even sane people can snap and "go postal."

Here's some facts and articles that I find handy when discussing the subject with my anti-gun friends.

Switzerland's murder rate is 0.66/100,000, even though military age males keep an "assault weapon" at home.

Idaho's murder rate is 1.3/100,000, even though Idaho has some of the loosest gun laws in the world and most residents are armed to the teeth.

Winnepeg's murder rate is 5.1/100,000. Winnepeg has issues with income inequality, racial tension, and drugs. ... 63166.html

Canada's murder rate is 1.7/100,000 -- higher than Idaho, even though Canada has super-strict gun laws.

Study after study after study shows that murder rates correlate to income inequality. Why don't we do something about income inequality ? Like give everyone who wants to work a job, and pay a living wage ? ... kers-wild/

While I haven't seen any formal studies on the subject, it's obvious to me that murder rates also correlate to drug prohibition and the black market that it creates. Why don't we have national conversation about decriminalizing drugs ?

While I can't prove it, it's also obvious to me that murder rates correlate to racial tension. I don't have any solutions to racism, but if we must have a so-called "national conversation," race needs to be included.

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Re: Mass shootings ... here we go again

Post by jwp » Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:21 am

Calling for a "national conversation" on any topic implicitly assumes that a rational discussion will take place. It is no longer possible to have a rational public discussion on any important sociopolitical subject (or, for that matter, almost any unimportant one). People on all sides argue from belief, not from objective fact. And sixty years ago Mr. Hoffer pointed out clearly where that leads.

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Re: Mass shootings ... here we go again

Post by jbquack1 » Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:04 pm

Blaming social ills on inanimate objects is the first problem. Of course, answering one problem brings a thousand more questions.

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