saving/printing/posting your design

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saving/printing/posting your design

Post by mtngun » Fri Feb 15, 2008 8:41 pm

How to save your design ? Sadly, you cannot. It is on my wish list, and you can see the "under construction" SAVE button on the design page, but the software is a big project and who knows when I'll find time. Meanwhile, your best bet is to either print out your design, or else save it as a screen capture.

Note: you cannot save the design by bookmarking the web page, because it is is a dynamic program, not a static web page.

How to print the bullet drawing on the design page? I could never get it to print right in IE 5.5 or in Netscape. IE 6 prints the specs but not the picture. Firefox prints the whole shebang if you click the "as laid out on screen" print option. Firefox is a free download, easy to install, and is nicer than IE in other ways, too.

How do I post my design on the forum or in an email ? Screen capture. One way is the "print screen" button on your keyboard. That copies your screen to your clipboard. Then "paste" the clipboard into your favorite graphics program, crop and scale the image, and save it as a gif or jpg.

Most graphics programs have a screen capture function that works a little slicker.