If you can't get the design program to work

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If you can't get the design program to work

Post by mtngun » Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:47 am

-- there must be no blinking red warning on the design page. If there is a blinking red warning, the program will not allow you to add the design to your shopping cart. That's not a bug, that's intentional.

-- the design program runs on Javascript so if your device or your browser has Javascript blocked, then the design program will not work.

-- the current design program seems OK with blocked pop-ups. As I type this I am running a browser (Chromium) that is set to block pop-ups, but the design program and shopping cart still work.

-- if the design part works and if there is no blinking red error message but it still won't add the design to your shopping cart, 9 times out of 10 it's because the PayPal link is being blocked by your device, either by your operating system security settings or by your browser security settings. It can be complicated to troubleshoot security settings so often the easiest solution, if you have access to more than one device, is to try a different device. Alternatively, try downloading a free browser like FireFox or Chrome and running it with the default settings.

-- if the PayPal shopping cart still doesn't work for you, you can email me "mtngun" at gmail and ask me to send you a PayPal invoice for your order. That bypasses the shopping cart problem.

-- if you don't like PayPal or if PayPal doesn't like you, then I encourage you to snail mail your order.

-- most user difficulties are due to the user's security settings, but the design program does have the occasional bug that shows up under certain circumstances. If you believe you have encountered such a bug, email me "mtngun" at gmail and tell me what errors you are seeing. Screenshots of the design and of any error messages will help me to troubleshoot the problem.

One final comment. I've yet to have anyone tell me they could not get the shopping cart to work on a Linux machine, or on a Mac. It's always Windoze, and almost always the Windoze browser. Years ago I got tired of forking over my money to Bill Gates for his crummy operating system so I switched to free Linux Mint. If you are a gamer or an AutoCad user then you're stuck with Windoze, but most people would be better off running Linux Mint for day to day browsing and email. Linux is not perfect, either, but it's pretty good, it's more secure than Windoze, and it gives you the ability to tell billionaire Bill Gates to kiss your ass! :lol: :lol: :lol: