If you can't get the design program to work

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If you can't get the design program to work

Post by mtngun » Wed Oct 30, 2019 6:47 am

-- your browser must allow javascript and pop-ups. If you have either of those things disabled, then the design program will not work properly. This is the most common problem.

-- the RECOMMENDATIONS box on the design page must say "no comment." If it says anything else then there is a problem with your design choices that you must address before it will allow you to add the design to your cart.

-- be aware that your browser settings may changed without your knowledge when you do software updates. I normally run with javascript and pop-ups allowed, but the latest browser update took it upon itself to block javascript and pop-ups, and then the shopping cart would no longer pop up.

-- if you are still stumped, email me "mtngun" at gmail, and tell me which browser you are using, and what the RECOMMENDATIONS box says.