More Gas Check confusion: 50 caliber

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More Gas Check confusion: 50 caliber

Post by mtngun » Wed Jan 22, 2020 7:06 am

If you are smart enough to read this forum then you already know that Hornady's "50 Cal" check is not actually 50 caliber, instead it is 0.500" for the 500 S&W and takes a shank diameter roughly 0.460".

Gator also makes a "Gator 500 S&W" check for a 0.460" shank though if you wait a few days someone will change the name if they haven't already. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Last I heard, Gator makes two different checks for a true 50 caliber (0.510"+): I call them "Gator 50 rifle" and "Gator short 50." As I understand the history of these two checks, Gator first made the "50 Rifle," and it's an unusually long check, requiring a shank at least 0.140" long and 0.468" diameter. Later someone said "those 50 rifle checks are longer than they need to be, so how 'bout making a shorter version?" and Gator responded with what I call the "Gator short 50." The length of the "50 Rifle" is overkill for most applications so nearly everyone uses the "Gator short 50", nonetheless the "50 Rifle" is still available.

As of this moment Sage's website offers two types of gilding metal check for 50 caliber. One is called "50 Rifle Caliber", takes a 0.468" check, and is 0.106" tall. That sounds equivalent to the "Gator short 50" though Sage does not call it a "Gator" so it may be a check that Sage makes in house, which is fine.

Sage calls the other check "50 LR Caliber Gator" which takes a 0.468" shank and is 0.148" tall. That seems to be equivalent to what I call "Gator 50 Rifle."

Since all 3 of the true 50 caliber checks take a 0.468" - 0.469" shank, the two short checks can go on a long shank, but the long check can't go on a short shank. In general, the unusually long "Gator 50 rifle" is obsolete and everyone now uses the "Gator short 50" or equivalent.

But if you wait a few days, someone will change the name. Always go by the actual dimensions, not the ever-changing name. :lol: I give Sage credit for spelling out the dimensions.