50 caliber Ruger old army

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50 caliber Ruger old army

Post by mtngun » Thu Jun 12, 2008 7:45 pm

From time to time Dave Clements converts a Ruger old army to 50 caliber (actually 0.488"). Years ago, I made a custom mold for this conversion, to Dave's specs. I no longer do custom molds, but here is something similar that can be made with the online design program.

Start the design program with the 483 caliber option.

Several differences between this and the original Clements design:
-- Clements heel was 0.484", not 0.482"

-- Clements nose was truncated cone, not ogive

-- Clements alloy was 20:1 (about same density as WW, but casts about 0.001" larger)

-- this bullet is too small for my XL blocks or my 1-cavity blocks -- oh, it will fit, but run too darned cold. This bullet is best suited for my standard 2-cavity iron block, however, the program will not let you specify the standard 2-cavity iron block. So ...... if you print out this design and mail it in, I will make an exception and cut it in the standard 2-cavity iron block.