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Ross 450 gr. for 500 S&W

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:50 pm
by mtngun
The original Ross designs had itty bitty bands that are extremely vulnerable to heat shrink on a heavy big bore mold, making diameter control problematic. I'm not saying that it was impossible to get good fill, but you had to hold your mouth just right. Put yourself in the mold maker's position -- I'm supposed to guarantee a 0.002" as-cast tolerance yet I would sometimes observe 0.005" - 0.010" variation from one pour to the next due to heat shrink! :evil: Lotsa luck making a living that way. :roll:

Hence the design program no longer allows itty bitty bands on big bore molds, and some other minor changes were made as well, so no, I cannot / will not make an exact replica of the original Ross designs.

You can, however, duplicate the nose portion of the Ross designs. This is how I remember them. I'm going from memory so I could be off a bit on the bore riding length, but you can tweak this basic design to suit your taste.