Marlin 44 mag microgroove

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Marlin 44 mag microgroove

Post by mtngun » Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:06 pm

From Ron P.
Finally got out to spend a little range time with the rifle and some loads I made up with bullets cast from the .44 mold you made for my Marlin 1894. The target shown in the file attached was shot at 50 yards. The stuff off to the left is my attempts at herding them around to get them where I wanted them. The last "adjustment" was a hole in the center of the black with two more right on top of it. I'm pretty happy with this. The sights are the original factory open 'bash to move' things. I'm 72 with the slightest beginnings of some old age shakes. So I'm pretty happy with this group. I was shooting off one of those portable tables and a sand bag. I'll try going out to 100 yards as soon as I get a little more play time. I did take some pot shots at rocks at 100 yards and beyond - hit them all once I figured out the drop which was not all that much. I would feel very confident hunting deer with this rifle out to 100, maybe 150 yards.

Thanks for a really nice mold!

Ron was using the following design in his microgroove barrel. It's available as a "proven" design since Ron has proven that it feeds and shoots. By the way, Ron was using a warm load of H110.