38-40 WCF Rifle mold.

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38-40 WCF Rifle mold.

Post by 456eec » Thu Apr 23, 2020 10:55 pm

I am in the process of buying an original Winchester 1892 in 38 WCF here in Australia.
Doing some research on molds and it seems the Ideal 401043 was an original design but they are not even coming up on Ebay and Lyman don't list them. RCBS makes one but it would be hard to get here.
I had a good experience ordering a mold for my .444 Marlin from MM some years ago. Service was great and mold is fabulous. I modified the Fryxell design and it shoots better than any jacketed bullets ever did.
Has anyone designed a .38-40 mold for a Winchester rifle?

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Re: 38-40 WCF Rifle mold.

Post by mtngun » Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:33 am

If you were to buy a recently made, name brand 38-40, it would probably have a SAAMI chamber. There is nothing special about the 38-40 chamber other than it has no freebore per se, just a short tapered leade. Hence the bullet needs to have a short front band tollowed by a nose that steps down to bore diameter. The Lyman 401043 fits that description.

Antique Winchesters have been known to have oversize, non-SAAMI throats, so it might be worth measuring. If you old rifle has a rough bore you may want to consider either a gas check bullet or powder coating.

Approximate dimensions on the Lyman 401043 are 0.32" nose length and 0.200" meplat. If you choose a gas check design be aware that there are several different 40 - 41 caliber checks and they are not interchangeable.

One possible gas checked design, to give you some ideas.

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