Heavy 444 Molds !

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Heavy 444 Molds !

Post by 6pt-sika » Sat Jan 17, 2009 11:56 pm

Over the last two years I have been working with a steady progression of molds for the 444 Marlin .

Mine have come from a variety of sources . Lyman , RCBS , Lee , Ranch Dog and NEI .

My latest trials have been with the Lyman 429649 and the NEI 429-330GC . Although I've had good luck with them in my 444P using air cooled WW's . I've not had good luck with them in my slow twist micro grooved 444's . But I have since cast about 150 of each design and water quenched them for trials in the micro barrels .

So provided I get these two to perform adequately my next step will be 350 grains followed hopefully by 375 and finally 400 .

I was actually until recently happy to stop at 350 grains but after talking with Olle Boqvist on Marlinowners he has me intrested in possibly going all the way to 400 grains in the 444 Marlin .

He also told me about the 350 and 400 grain molds he had made here at Mountain Molds and gave his consent for me to use his design.

Would it be possible for you to post both his 350 and 400 grain bullets here for a look see ?

Thanks ;)

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Re: Heavy 444 Molds !

Post by mtngun » Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:47 pm

I currently have no efficient way to find and share customer designs (i.e., no secretary :P ).

Frequently I am asked to retrieve design specs from orders that were placed years ago. The truth is, I can't even find the documentation for loads and bullets that I shoot in my guns, let alone everyone else's bullets. Anyone who relies on me to keep records for them is making a mistake.

If someone wants to share their design, they would do well to post it here or on their favorite forum. Take a screenshot of the design page, save it as an 800 pixel wide jpeg, upload it to photobucket, and insert it into a forum thread. Then, if someone wants a duplicate mold made, they would only have to print out the jpeg and mail it in with their order.

But to get back to your question, there are two 300 grain designs posted on the "444 Marlin" thread in this forum. One is by Glen Fryxell, and I believe the 2nd is similar to what Olle shoots, though there may be some slight differences. Changing the weight requires only one mouse click on the design page.

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