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Post by 6pt-sika » Wed Aug 03, 2011 3:46 pm

Rimfire McNutjob wrote:I've only cast for pistol in the past, never rifle. I suspect that's how most people start anyway.
While I expect what you say is very true , I strangely enough started casting for rifles first and later wnet to 357 , 41 and 44 MAG revolvers and much later 32-20 and 32 MAG and not to be left out the 327 Federal .

My first actual try at casting was for a Marlin 1895CB with the Lee 457-340 PB and the 457-405 PB . I tumble lubed them and loaded them unsized !

Amazingly enough they shot rather well at 50 and 75 yards . After that I moved up to the Lyman 330 grain Gould PB HP bullet and shot that one tumble lubed and unsized as well . And again with a Lyman tang sight and the factory front this bullet also shot pretty darned nicely for me !

After that it kinda escalated in leaps and bounds for the last 11 years with just about every cartridge/caliber Marlin made a traditional lever action for . Now I've toned it down to just the 444 , 44 MAG and 45-70 .

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