348 Throating reamer

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348 Throating reamer

Post by mtngun » Sun Feb 17, 2008 4:50 pm

I asked Manson if they offered throating reamers for the 348 Winchester and the 32-20.
we are now stocking the 348 Throater. The cost is our standard pricing of $32.00. The 30 Cal Throater is too small for the 32-20 which has a 3130" Throat Diameter, the 30 Cal Throater cuts .3090"/.3095". Our standard 8MM Throater cuts .3125"/.3130". Sincerely, Dara Stringer Office Manager

It appears that some, if not all, Browning M71's have absolutely no throat. If I had one of those guns, I would definitely get one of the Manson throating reamers. The Manson reamer has a gentle leade angle that makes life easier on cast bullets.

If you decide to throat your own rifle, you'll also need a handle and an extension. When you are done with the reamer, you can recover some of the cost by renting it out to other M71 owners and/or sell it on ebay. Used throaters generally go for $20 - $30 on ebay.

If you plan to shoot 2-diameter bullets, then cut only deep enough to create an angled leade into the rifling.

If you plan to shoot 1-diameter bullets, then cut 0.050" - 0.100" of freebore.