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Postby mtngun » Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:34 pm

The 32-20 is another one of those lever gun cartridges that is sold without a throat. Here are some suggestions as applies to modern rifles with the SAAMI chamber.

If it were my gun I would order a throating reamer from Dave Manson and cut a leade like it should have had to begin with. The reamer specs might be 0.3125" x 0.304" x 3°, depending on the gun.

If you insist on shooting with the SAAMI throat, understand that a full diameter ogive will not chamber. Ditto for Keith bullets with long front bands.

The usual solutions apply -- either a reduced diameter front band, or else a 0.050" long front band that steps down to bore diameter. Two examples are shown.
unfriendly SAAMI chamber
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