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validation load

Postby mtngun » Sun Feb 10, 2008 5:43 pm

from the old forum:

3006 gage #2, validation loads

Here's my validation load at the beginning of today's range session, the usual 165 gr. Speer and 58.7 gr. IMR4350. I think the barrel had been cleaned but I'm not positive since I'm not real religious about cleaning my guns. Actual velocity was 2737, pressure is about 53 ksi, and Quickload estimated 55 ksi if I remember correctly. The problem is, on March 24 this same gage gave 61,729 psi for this validation load. It bothers me that the gage seems to have "shifted", even though I believe that today's readings are pretty close to the true pressure.


Now here's the validation load at the end of today, after firing a a bunch of cast bullets. Note the big secondary spike on the first shot -- that may be due to residual bullet lube in the barrel????? Anyway, the peak primary pressure was still around 53 ksi, so at least the gage seems to be stable over the course of a day's shooting.


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