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wtb strain gages ?

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:11 pm
by mtngun
I have been trying to find Devcon 30340 and I can't find it. I went to Devcon's web sight and couldn't find 30340. Have they changed their names for their products? I did find 3 products that looked good. They are - plastic welder 11 - Zip grip HV2200 - Zip grip 4495. Have any of these been tried?

Also on 1 post, someone had found strain gauges, that were more economical. Where can they be obtained and are they as good as the orginals. I just purchased a used pressure trace, so now I'm in trouble trying to find all I can about this project.

Thanks for any information.

Glenn B

Re: wtb strain gages ?

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:12 pm
by mtngun
I found the Devcon at a local Cal's farm and ranch store. All of the glue companies manufacture a similar product, for example, the description of Loctite 480 Black Max sounds similar to the Devcon Flex. Look for something that is advertised to stick to rubber, that is flexible and that has high peel resistance.

Bondit 45TH sounds ideal but I am in a budget crunch right now, trying to save money to buy a place where I can shoot in my back yard, so I have not been able to cough up the $60 price. However, after you have scrapped a few strain gages, you will have more appreciation for the worth of a reliable glue.

I've been getting gages from Omega. The part number is SG-3/350-LY11, 10 gages for $55. These come with bare wire leads, so you'll have to solder on one of RSI's connectors and figure out your own mounting system. Be aware that there is a right side up that is marked in tiny letters that can only be read under magnification. I don't know the spec for the connector so I have been getting them from RSI.

Omega also sells some gages that have teflon insulated lead wires. That might be handy, but I haven't tried them.

In theory, any gage that is 350 Ohms and rated for 5V or higher should work. Be aware that not all gages are 350 Ohms and not all are rated for 5V.


Re: wtb strain gages ?

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:14 pm
by mtngun
Can you tell me the difference between the sealed strain gage and the bare strain gage?

Thanks, Glenn B

Re: wtb strain gages ?

Posted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:15 pm
by mtngun
I assume you are asking about RSI's gages. Their gages come with the connector already soldered on. Their sealed gage is sort of encapsulated (actually, just a cleverly cut piece of electrical tape on top and another on the bottom). You just apply glue and slap it on. Not all guns will have space for RSI's sealed gage assembly, though. Sometimes you have to be very creative in how you route the wires and the connector. It's challenging to do because everything is so small and delicate. If you like tying flies, you'll love installing strain gages.

Their non-sealed gage does not have the electrical tape, and I seem to remember that the wires are a little longer.