22 BR

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22 BR

Post by mtngun » Sun May 01, 2016 8:20 pm

-- X-Caliber stainless hand-lapped barrel, $140 delivered (they're raised their prices since then).
-- 14" twist
-- .224" groove x 0.219" lands
-- loaded neck 0.2517", fired neck 0.2527" - 0.2530". In other words, a snug no-turn neck.

54 gr. GC spitzer. Nose-sized and loaded Ardito-style to be a glove fit when chambered.

I forgot to write down the alloy, but it's either wheelweight or reclaimed shot. One coat of OBPU & mica -- which I have since learned is not a good coating -- then oven treated 470F.

The oven treating seemed to have "burnt" the coating because the coating rubbed off in the sizing die. Oh well. :?

Today we were merely testing for basic functionality, and getting the kinks worked out of our 22 caliber reloading, so no fancy experiments. It's often a lot of work to tool up for a new caliber and this was no exception. Among other things, it turns out that the push stem for a 22 caliber lubrisizer die is skinny enough to separate the stem from the washer on the RCBS lubrisizer return rod. So I borrowed the stem from my other lubrisizer, and it promptly separated, too. :o

I tapped the washers back on the stems, stuck the stems in a lathe, and drilled & tapped them 10-24. Installed 10-24 screw, no need to worry about making the screw flush with the washer. Works fine and should never separate again.

I tweaked the nose fit to engrave slightly, and then tweaked the powder charge to deliver 2700+fps. No new world records were set but it did "OK" considering the velocity.

The velocity standard deviation ranged from 0.51% (very good) to 0.94% (acceptable). RL10 seems like a good powder for the BR family. The only reason I don't use it more often is because I only have one jug. :lol: