rcbs pro melt

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rcbs pro melt

Postby Raptor » Mon May 03, 2010 6:13 pm

Hi guys,

Back in the early 80s I got a ProMelt from a sympathetic girlfriend. I was deep into the IPSC game and commercial castors just did not exist. With 3 double cavity rcbs molds for a copy of the H&G 68 I cast bullets all winter from whatever I could find in the way of lead, mostly ww. I cast hot, and fast, frosting did not bother me, I only cooled the molds when the bullets fell apart or dented badly when they landed on the pile. Quantity was the name of the game. It took me 20 minutes to shoot 300 rounds of .45 in practice sessions. It was hard to keep up.

Anyway, now I am playing a different game with magnum loads and heavy wt bullets, mostly courtesy of mtnmolds. The bigger sprue holes make a difference, and I will open up the holes in my rcbs .44/250 and .45/255 KT molds. I just recieved my .444/300, .45/335 and .459/435 last friday, thanks Dan. My .44/285 works well from the Promelt as is, when the pot is full, more pressure spraying out the lead. I am going to try the ladle after opening up the hole and see how it goes for these bigger bullets, as per your advice Dan. I will try the bottom spout from the pot as well.

I like the Pro Melt, the temp control is near perfect, and I check it with my Brownells thermometer. I do like Marvelux as the best flux, and if you are a ladle dipper you have to scoop out the grey goo it dissolves into.

Looking forward to trying the new bullets, have to take my sizer to the cabin with me so I can shoot as soon as the bullets cool. All the brass is sized and primed. Putting a 20x Leupold on the .444 for the range testing. As long as the sun is shining and its not too windy it should be a good weekend.

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Re: rcbs pro melt

Postby mtngun » Tue May 04, 2010 8:04 am

RCBS used to be a name you can trust. Their melter is one of the better units, if you have the money.

I have heard of at least one person enlarging the pro-melt's orifice. It's been 30 years since I used a pro-melt so I don't remember much about the orifice.

The marvelux corroded my pots, and I don't mean a little corrosion, I mean lots and lots. It didn't flux well, either. I don't know why people use it. Not that there are any "good" fluxes out there. Anything that works well, stinks and smokes.

Thanks for the update. Have fun with the 444. :lol:

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Re: rcbs pro melt

Postby Raptor » Tue May 04, 2010 9:29 am

On the marvelux thing, here in Alberta it is very dry humidity wise, can't say I noticed any corrosion, but I don't doubt that the marvelux residue would attract moisture. I guess I like it cause it doesn't smoke or smell, like you said all the other stuff does.

The oriface on my ProMelt seems to be about an 1/8". I may open it up slightly, 5/32 at first but I want to make sure the pointy rod thing still seals the hole after drilling. Right now it rarely if ever drips, sure don't want it to start.

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