Of Lead and Linotype

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Of Lead and Linotype

Post by cooksey » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:41 am

I have 66 pounds of Linotype and an equal amount of lead. I want to use it since it's there, even though WW might be better; will start using that when the other gets used up. We have planned to use the Lino and lead 50/50, but since the mold I ordered from you is a gas check design, could I run it a little softer? Say, 4 lbs lino to 5 of lead? Would the ratio differ depending on the powder charge? Being that it has the GC, I'm not sure if velocity= leading is my biggest concern, but rather bullet shrink / obturation. My thinking is that the softer mixture will be less likely to shrinkage and will obturate to a greater extent; but again how much of an issue are those things going to be when using a GC and casting the bullets of a hardness within reason? We'll be shooting the bullet in several 41 magnums, and they will have to be pushed to a minimum of 1,000 fps and probably a little faster to get decent accuracy, like I said in several different firearms of the same caliber. The rate of twist in our firearms ranges from 1 in 18.5" to 1 in 20" and to date the heaviest bullet to shoot with appreciable accuracy is 230 grains (the reason I ordered a 230 TC GC from you last year). 220s have shot at about any velocity, but the 230s need to be getting close to "middle magnum" speed to group half decent, and 240s have to be at the max possible pressure, and anything heavier has been sub par at best. We wanted an every day working load that would shoot decent in most guns, be tolerable to shoot all afternoon, would kill everything up to and including medium sized deer, and could be potentially carried as a personal defense load. So for shooting that bullet at or around let's say 1,100 fps, what would be your idea of a good linotype-lead mixture?

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Re: Of Lead and Linotype

Post by mtngun » Wed Oct 20, 2010 6:49 am

I have no experience with lead-lino mixes. There is no formula for predicting what BHN works best -- yes I know, some sources have tossed out a formula, but I have usually found best results with the hardest alloy possible, i.e., heat treated wheelweight. Your mileage may vary.

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